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We offer FREE pick-up and delivery for our residential, business and commercial customers. Our turnaround time is 72 hours of pickup. If you need expedited delivery, please contact us at 408-246-9377. Below is our sample pricing by cleaning and item type we offer. Also shown are standard pricing for Security, Catering, Hotel, Motel Businesses and Schools.

Dry Cleaning

Tees - $3.95
Mens Shirts - $4.45
Blouses/Sweaters/Polos - $4.85 
Pants/Skirts - $4.85
Suit Jackets - $4.85
Dresses / Kameez - $8+
Coats / Saris - $11.95+


Men's Dress Shirts - $2.75

Alterations & Repairs

Hemming (Pants) - $12
Small Repairs - $7.50+
Zippers - $18+

Wedding Dress Special

Cleaned and Bagged - $169
Cleaned and Preserved in a box - $249


Most Comforters - $24
Sleeping Bags - $30+
Duvet/Comforter Cover/Bedspread - $22

Wash & Fold - $2.25 per lb


Security Uniform Services

We provide full service dry cleaning of uniforms for security businesses in the greater San Jose area. We also offer free pick up and delivery. 

PRICING (Prices below are for bulk cleaning and pressing)
Pants: $3.25
Button down shirt (laundered): $1.65
Button down shirt (dry cleaned): $2.95
Jacket: $3.25
Bomber Jacket: $3.95
Ties: $1.00
Hats: $1.00
Polo Shirt: $2.95

Laundry Services for Catering Businesses

One of our specialties at Dry Cleaners to Your Door is providing full service dry cleaning for catering businesses. This includes laundry services, wash & fold, wash & dry and wash & press.  

Table Cloth (Wash & Press): $8.95+ per item based on size
Smocks & Chef Coats (Wash & Press): $5.00 per item
Bar Towels and Napkins (Wash & Fold): $1.95 per pound
Bar Towels and Kitchen Rags (Wash & Dry): $2.50 per pound

Hotels & Motels

We proudly service hotels and motels locally, providing wash and fold laundry for all bedding and towels.  

Sheets, blankets, pillow cases, pillows and towels
​(wash and fold) $1.95 per pound

Prices are flexible based on volume!
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