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  • How do I schedule a pickup?
    Call Us at (408) 246-9377 Fill out the form here We offer FREE pick-up and delivery service with a Minimum order $50.00 We are currently performing Pick-up and Drop-off service every Tuesday and Fridays. Clothes picked up on Tuesday will be returned on Friday and vice-versa.
  • How do I prepare my clothes for pickup?
    It is preferred that all of the items are contained in reasonably sturdy bags. Special service items should be in a separate bag and labeled with instructions. When placing your order give instructions where you would like your order to be picked up and returned.
  • What if I am not home?
    Instruct us as to where to pick up and deliver your order. Reminder that Sands Cleaners is not responsible for the safety and security of orders left unattended during the pick up and delivery process.
  • Payments
    We accept cash and Visa/Master credit cards at the time of placement of your order. Credit card orders can be paid on pick-up to the driver or via phone. Touchless Payments can be made with Zelle.
  • Do you have laundry services?
    Yes we do. Call to ask about pricing for custom items or check our pricing page.
  • Are you able to clean wedding dresses?
    Yes, check our pricing page for details
  • How long does it take before my cleaning is ready?
    We offer FREE pick-up and delivery service with a minimum order of $50.00. A typical delivery time is 3 days from date of Pick-up. However, check with driver for an earlier delivery time frame at no additional cost. We also offer “in by 9, out by 5” same-day turnaround for standard dry clean service.
  • Why Sands Cleaners?
    We have been serving the Bay Area with our cleaning services for over 20 years. Our proven methods have helped us establish an outstanding reputation with the community. Recently, we have shifted to a state of the art process whereby the cleaning of your clothes will be of the highest quality as well as environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves in not using any harsh chemicals on your unique garments. Sands Cleaners uses machines that are top of the line, and provide a proven method in which your clothes will remain in top condition. Our fabric saving process was developed with careful analysis of cleaning techniques. We pay special attention and detail to all clothes and specialize in customer satisfaction. Our wide variety of services have helped us establish the most efficient results. We specialize in cleaning rare and delicate fabrics. No matter what fabric, for any occasion, Sands Cleaners can do it. Our advanced process can handle any type of service you need. Alterations, repairs, delicate cleanings, or specialty items such as Silk Linens, Soft Wedding Dresses, or fine bedding is no problem at Sands Cleaners. Our commitment to excellence promises to deliver your clothes promptly and in the highest quality possible. All question and concerns can be answered at
  • Do you do your own dry cleaning and laundry?
    Yes. Sands Cleaners has been operating its own plant in San Jose since 1990's. Dry cleaning and shirt laundering is performed on the premises with modern, state-of-the art equipment and experienced personnel.
  • Do you take back hangers?
    YES. We provide a free hanger pick-up to make this easy for you. We also recycle poly bags. Just place them in you pick up bag with your clothes.
  • What time will the driver arrive?
    You will find that the driver is usually in your area at the same time on scheduled service days. However, due to the number of customers on our delivery service, we cannot promise to keep individual appointments.
  • Do you provide a pick up bag?
    YES. You will be provided a bag for laundry and a bag for dry cleaning.
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